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Bowman Gray


Bowman Gray was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Having borrowed his Mother’s 35mm camera for first time at age 13 he began to simply “see” more. The lens framing up individual moments in time and place, only seen for that moment and at that place. Trying to capture the truth and emotion of that very moment and place being the ultimate goal. Inspired by Edward Steichen, Ansel Adams and Edward Weston,  he accepted his first assignment of photographing historic sights in Bethania, NC for a book that was written in honor of it's 250th anniversary in 2009 (Bethania: The Village By The Black Walnut Bottom; Bevelry Hamel). Gray has since been commissioned to photograph celebrities, athletes, and politicians. His work is currently on display in public and private collections. In 2010 Gray published his first book of photographs in a coffee table reprint of James Allen's 1909 classic "As A Man Thinketh".

Gray still lives in Winston-Salem with his family.

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